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December 01, 2016

Alumna and Kitchen & Home Maven Tara McConnell Tesher to Host Open Gathering

Tara McConnell Tesher, celebrated cookware and household décor designer and CEO of Temp-tations, LLC who graduated from Wesleyan in 1996, is going back to where it all started. She will be hosting an open gathering on Thursday, December 8 at 6:30 p.m. at the Hilton Garden Inn in Clarksburg, WV to talk about her new venture, Tara at Home. A unique, direct-selling company founded in 2015, Tara at Home helps women and a few good men across the country build their own businesses around a simple premise: getting people back around the table. 

What started as a single concept and simple quest to make cooking easier and more accessible has grown to a business that has sold over hundreds of millions of stoneware pieces and sets garnering millions of loyal fans and customers around the globe who have really created a community around the brand. “I created this business in my kitchen over 14 years ago with an idea and dream,” Tesher recounted. “Never did I imagine that it could become something so inspired or something that is part of so many people's lives. When I started thinking about what was next, I knew I wanted to do something that offered a similar opportunity for people to build their own business and chart their own path.”

Tara at Home affords the unique opportunity to build and grow a business flexible to a person’s individual needs, centered around products and a powerful mission to bring some of life’s best moments back to the table—with beautifully designed all-in-one stoneware and other kitchen and home products that take the chore out of cooking. 

“Tara at Home consultants are not just selling bakeware,” says Tesher, “they are sharing, enabling and rallying around a culture, lifestyle, and belief where they do not have to choose between family and career. They can build and grow at their pace in their way and have Tara at Home fit into their lives how it works best for them. Mostly, our products center on food because food brings us together, and we need more 'together' these days. Our secret is that ultimately it is not about what is on the table, but who is around the table that matters. We help make getting simple delicious food on the table easy as a means to make that happen."  

Tesher’s new venture blends three of her main passions: food, human connection, and entrepreneurship. The latter is something she says changed the course of her life and is why Tara at Home is so personal and rewarding for her. “I know not everyone is given the same opportunities in life, but I do know what it means to follow a crazy dream, like the one I had in my kitchen years ago. The Tara at Home opportunity allows me to pass along the gift of entrepreneurship to millions across the country who can do extraordinary things if they are just given the chance."

Tesher will be sharing more about her unique story, experience and the opportunity and mission of Tara at Home on December 8 at the Hilton Garden Inn, 606 Emily Drive, Clarksburg, WV 26301 at 6:30 p.m.

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