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February 01, 2017

Greek Life Shows Outstanding Academic Achievements

Greek life organizations at West Virginia Wesleyan College made outstanding academic effort during the 2016 fall semester.  Many organizations reported high grade point averages (GPA), breaking academic records dating back to 1966.

The Gamma Kappa chapter of Alpha Delta Pi Sorority received remarkable recognition by displaying a combined overall 3.54 GPA, naming this chapter of Alpha Delta Pi to Wesleyan’s Dean’s List. This chapter became the first Greek life organization to earn above a combined 3.5 GPA at Wesleyan.

In addition to the success of Alpha Delta Pi, other sororities and fraternities received academic recognition. The Beta Sigma chapter of Alpha Xi Delta accomplished an overall GPA of 3.44, the highest the chapter has ever received. Also, the Beta Nu chapter of Alpha Sigma Phi received their highest chapter GPA with a 3.08. The Alpha Omicron chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta received recognition by obtaining a GPA of 3.79 from new members.

It is not just Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Alpha Gamma Delta, or Alpha Sigma Phi that had outstanding academic success in the fall of 2016.  The entirety of Greek life members boasted an overall GPA of 3.27, the highest ever recorded in school history.

The Greek life members at Wesleyan are producing a higher GPA than the national average. According to John Bohman, the College’s Greek Life advisor, the national average GPA for fraternity members is a 2.7, where the average at Wesleyan is a 2.9. The national GPA average for sororities is 2.9, and Wesleyan’s sororities showcase a 3.4. Also, Greeks life members surpass non-Greek life members in academic success. According to the West Virginia Wesleyan Greek Life website, the “all Greek average” has been higher than the “all College average” for the last 16 years.  

Much of the academic change that is occurring through the Wesleyan’s Greek life organizations is the requirements for new members. The requirement to join a fraternity or sorority at Wesleyan was raised from a 2.5 to a 2.7 during the fall semester of 2015, providing an extra academic push for students interested in “going Greek.”

 This GPA review came after a fraternity dropped below the all men’s average in 2014 for the first time in ten years.  Because there was a drop in the grades, Bohman began to focus his attention on the academic committee to raise the GPA. “We put the students on a corrective action plan,” said Bohman. “That is one of the reasons why I think they are doing a better job. The academic chair and advisors and my office hold the students to higher standards of accountability.”


West Virginia Wesleyan has a total of five national fraternities and four national sororities. For more information, please contact Bohman at

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