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March 02, 2015

Soto Appointed as Modern Languages Professor

The School of Fine Arts & Humanities at West Virginia Wesleyan College made a new addition to the Wesleyan family this fall with the full-time hire of Manuel Soto. Soto, a Venezuelan native, was hired full-time as the new assistant professor of modern languages.

Soto arrived in the country at the age of 15 when his mother brought his family to Morgantown, WV to further her education. Soto and his family had planned to only live temporarily in Morgantown but ended up staying permanently due to civil and political unrest in their home country of Venezuela. Growing up in the city of Morgantown, he later studied at West Virginia University (WVU). In 2014, Soto completed his Master’s degree in both Foreign Language and Education.

Soto’s arrival at Wesleyan in 2014 makes him the first full-time professor of modern languages since 2005. With fluency in three difference languages and a native homeland in Venezuela, Soto hopes to bring an outside perspective to the teaching of his courses.

“I hope that down the road, we can continue to establish more Spanish and Latin American programs here at Wesleyan,” stated Soto. “I want to work with the school to help open more doors for Latin American students to study abroad at Wesleyan.”

Soto is also the International Student Organization (ISO) advisor for the College. He works directly with international students to ensure their academic success and completion during their time on campus. Soto’s time spent at WVU shaped his interest in helping other international students during their time studying in the country.

“The more international contacts I made at WVU, the more I learned about the problems these students face both here and back in their home countries,” commented Soto.  “I wanted to help.”

Soto’s advisory work with the international community at Wesleyan does not stop at academics. The new assistant professor goes above and beyond to ensure that international students have the opportunities necessary to acquire proper governmental identification and adjust to life in the United States.

“It is hard coming to a new country as a foreign student, and acquiring government identification is not an easy process, so that is why I am here. International students do not have cars, so I offer to drive them to the nearest DMV and help them with the process,” commented Soto.

As the school administration continues to expand the College’s course offerings, Soto has high expectations of his department’s potential.

“I would like to see more course offerings down the road, and for these courses to expand the students’ perspectives beyond the United States,” commented Soto.

As a native Venezuelan, Soto aims to teach all of his courses with a worldly perspective in hopes that students will be able to view the material and world around them with different lens.

Soto holds strong optimism for the direction of the modern language program at Wesleyan. As the College works to expand the offerings of the program, Soto highly encourages future students that are interested to join the modern languages program.

For more information regarding the modern language program, please contact Soto at  For more information on the School of Fine Arts & Humanities, please contact Director Stephen Cresswell at or visit

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