WVWC Faculty
Tracey DeLaney

Department of Physics and Engineering
  Campus Phone: (304) 473-8330
  Campus Box: 112
  Office: 118 Christopher Hall
  E-mail: delaney_t@wvwc.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Educational Biography:

  B.S. Physics with Astrophysics Option, 1994
  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

  M.S. Physics, 1998
  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

  Ph.D. Astrophysics, 2004
  University of Minnesota

Courses Taught:

  Introductory Astronomy
  Introductory Geology
  Electromagnetic Theory

Research Interests:

  Supernova Remnants: gaseous remains of exploded stars - I study star guts!
  Neutron Stars/Pulsars: left-over cores of exploded stars
  Radio Galaxies: galaxies with jets of material expanding at relativistic speeds


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