Soeren Doessing

Soeren Doessing

Soeren Doessing

Hometown:Copenhagen, Denmark
Major: Business Management
Date: Summer 2015
Company: Casleigh Consulting
Length of Internship: 2.5 Months

Responsibilities: During my internship I worked for one of Casleigh Consulting’s clients – a company called The Cloudburst Group. The Cloudburst Group provides project management in three different areas; Housing and Community Development, Public Health, and Land Tenure and Natural Resource Management.

During my internship I was exposed to a wide range of the work the company does. A few times I had to help with simple tasks such as scanning documents, but mostly the employees provided me with work that would be challenging or help me get a better understanding of how a business like theirs work.

I was given responsibilities in marketing, as I had to clean up flyers and handouts and make them look neater and more professional.

I was put completely in charge of making a presentation about updates and amendments to a plan created to end homelessness in America. I gave this presentation on a conference call with the employees of the Housing and Community Development team.

I also assisted with different proposals the company makes to win grants or projects. Part of a proposal consists of resumes and bios of the core team who will be working on the project. Another part consists of the company’s past experience related to the project they are proposing for. I was responsible for pulling the resumes and bios of the core team and finding write-ups on past projects the company had done. This gave me some great experience in project management.

I also did some data analysis for the company. I had to analyze data from the US census about homelessness in certain counties and choose the charts that would show the different data the best. After constructing the charts I had to summarize my findings and analyze it.

What was learned: As described above I learned a ton during this internship. I learned how a business is run, how employees interact, and I gained incredibly useful experience in project management, data analysis, marketing, and communication. I was able to go with my supervisor to the 2015 National Conference on Ending Homelessness as well. This experience showed me how conferences work and what goes on during them.

How did it affect your education: Well, first of all it gave me three credits towards my education – haha. But more importantly, I learned a lot about time management, which is helpful in any education. As I mention throughout this, it really gave me an insight on how a business is run, which has helped me in the business courses I am taking this semester. Finally, since I am taking a Project Management class this semester, I guess I have a nice little advantage there.

Do you feel more prepared: I certainly feel more prepared. Business is a broad field and before this internship it would have been difficult for me to talk about what I can do in the business field. The internship definitely confirmed how broad the field is to me, but it gave me knowledge about how a business is run, and I think that will help me in the future both when applying for jobs and when I have a job.

How will it affect your future: I will be more prepared for interviews and I will be much better at discussing businesses as well as coming up with solutions to problems in the field and thinking critically. It gave me a better idea about what I want to do in my life going forward. I enjoyed the assignments I was given that involved numbers and interaction with other people. These things combined have given me the idea of going to graduate school to pursue a Master’s in Finance.

Another very important thing I want to discuss is that I made some incredible connections during my internship and met some great people. The people I met are people I definitely can ask for advice about business in the future, and people I could see myself working with if the opportunity presents itself.

Recommendations: I would recommend an internship to anyone out there. If you know exactly what you want to do with your life going forward, it will give you great experience and help your networking, which is an essential part of being successful in the business world today. If you have no idea what you want to do with your life, an internship is the best way to figure out whether you want to do something or not. At the very least it will help anyone get a better understanding about what the “real world” after college is like.

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