Hideomi Masuda

Hideomi Masuda

Hideomi Masuda

Hometown: Kumamoto, Japan
Major: M.B.A. with concentration in Health Care Administration
Date: Summer 2015
Company: West Virginia Veterans Nursing Facility (Clarksburg, WV)
Length of Internship: 2 Months

Responsibilities: My primary responsibilities as an administrative intern included the following: 1) shadowing various department personnel, including management, nursing, social, activity, dietary, and support service professionals, at the nursing facility to comprehend their responsibilities and daily functions, 2) conducting quantitative and qualitative analyses on the residents and family satisfaction surveys in the past three years, and 3) presenting the analysis results and proposed recommendations for the 2016 fiscal year at the Business Plan meeting.

What was learned: I was able to practically gain knowledge and experience in nursing facility management and operation throughout the summer internship. Shadowing and learning from department chairs and staff members in different departments assisted me in recognizing that integrated and cooperative teamwork is essential to effectively and efficiently operate a nursing facility that provides resident-oriented services to satisfy residents’ quality of life. Also, a number of opportunities to interact with residents through lunch sessions, outing activities, shadowing, and general conversations in the facility allowed me to realize how significant both verbal and nonverbal communication with respect and dignity were in order to build a trustful rapport with the others, which is vital no matter where we work and live.

How did it affect your education: After learning the nursing facility’s management and operation systems, it was a pragmatic learning experience to comprehensively apply concepts, knowledge, and proficiencies that I have learned from MBA classes at Wesleyan to the actual business project and professional presentation. Furthermore, receiving my internship supervisor’s experience-based lectures on compliance, customer service, motivation theories, and communication assisted me in cultivating the management and leadership abilities to diversely approach and manage situations in a real-life setting.

Do you feel more prepared: Yes, definitely. In addition to the aforementioned outcomes, it was invaluable to directly learn from my internship supervisor who demonstrated his professional work ethic, offered enthusiastic guidance, and provided me with challenging and meaningful hands-on learning opportunities on a daily basis. In addition, positive feedback on the project presentation from my internship supervisor and department chairs who attended the presentation at the Business Plan meeting surely encouraged me to continue pursuing the completion of my MBA program.

How will it affect your future: Words are not enough to describe how invaluable this summer internship was not only to my education but also my life. As a certified athletic trainer providing medical services to collegiate athletes at West Virginia Wesleyan College, I was assured of the significance of patient-oriented services throughout this summer internship. I look forward to fully utilizing and applying what I cultivated from this internship to my business career in the future as well.

Recommendations: I highly recommend fellow students to fully take advantage of utilizing any available opportunities to experience pragmatic internships throughout the Wesleyan alumni network. I believe that internships are where we can challenge ourselves, test our knowledge and skills, and learn from resourceful professionals.

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