Kyle McMahan

Kyle McMahan

Kyle M

Hometown:Charlotte, NC
Major: Political Science/ Minor in Business/ 5 year MBA
Date: Summer 2012
Company: McTron Technologies; Chemical/ Polymer Based manufacturer Charlotte, NC
Length of Internship: 3 months -entirety of summer


Responsibilities: Created two websites, behind the scenes work, brochures, pamphlets, viewed different plants and manufacturers to find out how products were made, wrote over 100 tech hour sheets and material safety and data sheets

What was learned: Learned a lot about the business which sells over $1 million a year, day by day operations, what it takes to run a company, how to write invoices, how to work with other people, and the logistics of production

How did it affect your education: I pay attention more. Having an internship made me realize that what we learn is legitimate and has a purpose. You have to understand what you learned in order to succeed. My internship was an eye-opening experience.

Do you feel more prepared: Yes, I know what to look for and what to expect. Now, I actually want to learn more in school rather than "breeze by". It made me realize that I need to learn the logistics in class.

How will it affect your future: Connections and networking, already offered a job, resume builder for other job opportunities (especially for chemical field), understand the competition

Recommendations: I would suggest o have an internship because it allows more experience and gives you a taste of what to expect when out in the "real world" and you obtain connections. Even though I'm not a business major, I think that internships are important because they teach the relevant tools for being a

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