Joel Abraham

Joel Abraham

Joel A

Major: Computer Science/Math/MBA
Date: Summer 2012
Company: NASA - Fairmont, WV
Length of Internship: 10 weeks


Responsibilities: Searched through database, studied NASA anomalies, made suggestions to business practices, and was the "technical project leader" for high school interns

What was learned: It was hard to manage really intelligent, hard-working employees. I became knowledgeable of the capabilities of my employees, the professional environment, management, theoretical computer concepts in practice, real world scenarios, and group settings. The class groups were graded as whole but internship was more individual work for the same goal.

How did it affect your education: I had the ability to apply all three of my fields: math, computer information science, and business. I would recommend others to be more open to various major/ minors.

Do you feel more prepared: Yes, it is great to utilize everything you know into hands on, real world experiences. I feel like I have experience now and have already been trained to work in a professional environment.

How will it affect your future: I love the technical work and now I will be able to use technical and business integrated.

Recommendations: Its not just tests and projects, you have to use what you learn. Mere theory is actually applicable.

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