Dan Meyers

Dan Meyers

Dan M

Hometown:Shepherdstown, WV
Major: Marketing
Date: Summer 2014
Company: JLG Industries Inc. - Marketing/Product Management Intern.
Length of Internship: 3 1/2 Months


Responsibilities: Some of the responsibilities I had was updating competitor product databases, analyzing the durability of our machines compared to the competitors, and helping the Product Management team in the new product photo shoots.

What was learned: I was given many training seminars during my time at JLG that really increased my knowledge of building business relationships, process management, and how to analyze your own personality from a business standpoint.

How did it affect your education: After a summer of working at JLG, I came back to Wesleyan with a lot of new knowledge, but I had a want to learn more. I analyze the content more in my classes now, and instead of using that content in business scenarios, I relate it to the experience I had this summer.

Do you feel more prepared: I definitely feel more prepared in my classes this year after having that experience, and I feel less nervous to enter the work force after graduation. Having that kind of experience to put on your resume can really put you ahead of other college graduates.

How will it affect your future: Building relationships and contacts at JLG this summer can really help me get ahead when it comes to finding a job. Also, JLG has a retention rate of over 60% of their interns. Having the opportunity to work for JLG full time is a very good possibility after my internship review, and it is definitely the type of company I want to work for. If not, having that kind of real world experience is very appealing to any company.

Recommendations: Many companies are looking for interns every summer, and I would strongly recommend that every college student that is at least a sophomore apply for one. Some internships are even paid, and even if they are not, the experience you can gain from them is priceless. Information about internships can be found at job fairs, or simply searching for internships on the Internet.

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