Chase Blackwell

Chase Blackwell

Hometown:Tempe, Arizona
Major: Sport Business
Date: Spring-Summer 2014
Company: Sullivan Proformance
Length of Internship: 3 months


Responsibilities: Responsibilities such as data entry, daily attendance, filing papers, updating calendars, camp registrations, creating newsletters, project management, working with his websites and social media advertisements and updates. Fulfillment of projects that involve recognizing and advertising to target markets.

What was learned: I learned a lot about what it takes to start up and successfully operate your own business. I learned about the hard behind the scenes work that goes into creating a successful project. I learned about failures also and how to adapt to failed projects by adjusting strategies to become successful.

How did it affect your education: I believe this experience gave me an insight on how the real world operates outside of school. I believe this experience gives me an upper hand leaving school.

Do you feel more prepared: I feel much more prepared now that I have had a chance to actually work underneath a business owner before leaving school. I now am more aware of what it takes to be successful.

How will it affect your future: It will affect my future but I now have good work experience. I will now be entering my first job after school with experience therefore I am more prepared.

Recommendations: I recommend even if your major does not require an internship that everyone consider participating in one.

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