Non-Profit Management

Non-Profit Management


Undergraduate Pre/Co-Requisites:
1. Principles of Managerial Accounting
2. Principles of Financial Accounting
5. Principles of Marketing
3. Principles of Finance
6. Principles of Microeconomics
4. Principles of Management
7. Statistics for Business


MBA Core Courses (24 credit hours):

  • BUSI 550: Quantitative Methods for Management (pre-requisite of UG Statistics for Business)
  • BUSI 560: Managerial Economics (pre-requisite of UG Principles of Microeconomics)
  • BUSI 570: Applied Ethics in Management (no pre-requisite)
  • BUSI 610: Management Accounting (pre-requisite of UG Principles of Accounting)
  • BUSI 620: Financial Management & Policy (pre-requisite of UG Principles of Finance)
  • BUSI 631: Management Theory & Leadership in Organizations (pre-rec UG Principles of Management)
  • BUSI 641: Marketing Management & Research (pre-requisite of UG Principles of Marketing)
  • BUSI 700: Business Strategy (capstone – focused case in concentration area)

Concentration in Nonprofit Management (12 credit hours):

BUSI 535: Management for Nonprofits
This course is intended to provide a broad understanding ofthe wide range of issues involved in developing and leading a non-profit enterprise. You will beintroduced to the operating environment, resource concerns, and unique leadership requirements non-profits.

BUSI 534: Human Resources Management
An introduction to the theoretical, technical, and legal aspects of human resources management and employment relations.  Topics covered include human resources planning, recruitment, selection, performance evaluation, training and development, compensation, labor relations, occupational safety and health, and the evaluation of human resource management programs.

BUSI XXX: Project Management
The Project Management MBA course uses a problem-based approach to create experiences that provide a thorough knowledge and understanding of Project Management.

BUSI XXX: Nonprofit Funding
An examination of the key aspects of fundraising, stewardship, donor development, and financial management of nonprofit organizations. Application of these issues in the development of a fundraising plan for a nonprofit organization.


Market Need: Nonprofit Management
According to the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, “increasingly, today’s young people are pursuing nonprofit sector careers.” These jobs pay relatively well, at the national level, have good benefits, and provide opportunities for career advancement, professional growth, and community service. “The nonprofit sector is one of the largest and fastest-growing employer groups in the country, with 12% of the national workforce, and hiring tens of thousands of new staff each year.”  A recent survey of 450 nonprofit organizations indicated that more than 40% plan to add employees in the coming year, and a 2011 survey of 3,000 nonprofit executive directors indicate that more than two-thirds will be leaving their jobs within five years (Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, 2012).

In West Virginia and surrounding states, the leadership in nonprofit organizations is aging, and there is concern for succession planning (Laura Lee Haddad, Executive Director, WV Nonprofit Association).

Here at Wesleyan, there is anecdotal evidence that some current students, particularly undergraduates, might be interested in education related to nonprofit management. Increasingly, college-aged students are interested in “doing good” in addition to making a living.  We intend to market this new MBA concentration to current and prospective undergraduates, and are considering developing an undergraduate certificate or minor.


Outcomes:MBA students concentrating in Nonprofit Management will develop the following competencies, as articulated by the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance.

  • Communication, Marketing, and Public Relations (BUSI 535)
  • Financial Resource Development, and Management (BUSI 535, new course in NP Funding)
  • Governance, Leadership, and Advocacy (BUSI 535)
  • Legal and Ethical Decision Making (BUSI 534, BUSI 535)
  • Personal and Professional Development (BUSI 534, BUSI 535)
  • Program Development (BUSI 534, new Project Management course)
  • Volunteer and Human Resource Management (BUSI 534, BUSI 535,  Project Management course)


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