Applied Physicist

Applied Physicist

Applied physicists work on teams to develop useful devices -- cell phones, solar panels, airport security systems, robots (the Mars rover), MRIs, laser surgery.
Summer internships: Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Toyota, NASA-Langley, NASA-Goddard, NASA-Glenn, National Radio Astronomy Observatory, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Shippingport nuclear power plant, Westinghouse, Jefferson National Lab, Oak Ridge National Lab, Kansas State, Penn State 

Graduate schools: WVU (2), Virginia Tech, Ohio University, Creighton University, Texas Christian University, Colorado State University, University of Oregon

Bechtel-Bettis, Oak Ridge National Lab, FEI Corporation, Pentree Engineers, Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, Columbian Chemicals, National Energy Technology Lab, Mylan Pharmaceuticals, National Energy Technology Laboratory, NASA IV&V 
Graduates who are applied physicists

Evan Gorman (2016): "I work at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in Morgantown. I seek solutions to ensure that we maintain quality. Issues may include procedural deviations, processing variablity, and human events. I analyze thermodynamic data, hardness, friability, compressive forces, and tensile strength."

Josh Hiett (2016): "I work at NASA IV&V in Fairmont. I write software to simulate hardware in support of the James Webb Space Telescope. We can simulate the full spacecraft of laptops. I am working with Dr. Vassiliadis and Dr. Lusk at WVU to design software to control their payload on the STF-1 cubesat to be launched in 2017. Whoever would have thought that I would become a programmer!"

Aaron Weaver (2016) is pursuing an M.S. in Physics at WVU.

Jay Bazzano 
works for Precision Targeting, which specializes in using lasers and infrared cameras to control trajectories of bullets and mortars.
Emily Biggs (2015): "I work at Corhart Refractories in Buckhannon as an R&D technician. I have recently picked up other roles as well. I calibrate all the measuring gauges in the plant. I write quality control reports, assist with customer inspections, and help engineers gather data to improve processes." 
Tommie Brunswick (2015) works for Skyline Steel near Philadelphia. He is in charge of logistics for a power-plant project that calls for 15,000 tons of steel.
Correll Mack (2015) works for Optimal Solutions and Technology in McLean, Va.
Taylor Price (2015): "I work at Mylan Pharmaceuticals in the analytical testing department. I enjoy the industrial get-it-done mentality." 

Matt Stadelman (2015) works at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown. "My work involves computational fluid dynamics simulations on the Joule Supercomputer. I analyze fluid-flow experiments performed on fractured rock cores. The cores are subjeced to incremental shearing forces. Then they are scanned with a high resolution industrial CT scanner to visualize changes in their internal geometry. I contriubte to the understanding of what happens underground duirng natural gas exraction." Matt had an internship at NETL the summer before his senior year.
Lucas Greza (2014) reports, "I work at Key Logic Systems, which is a contractor at the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Morgantown."
Eddy Hasis (2014): "I work as an environmental scientist at HRL Compliance in Bridgeville, Pa., a consulting firm that specializes in the oil and gas industry. I really enjoy it and hope to build a career here." 
Derek Johnson (2013) works for Thrasher, a civil engineering firm in Beckley

Jon Morang works in nuclear safety for the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in New Hampshire. 
Denny Vincent (2012) is an Associate Transmission Operator at First Energy in Fairmont. 

WesHughes(2011), M.S. in Applied Physics, University of Oregon). The M.S. program at the University of Oregon is a 15-month Industry-Internship Program. Wes's internship was at FEI Corporation, a manufacturer of scanning electron microscopes in Oregon. He is currently working at a subsidiary's location in Pennsylvania. In the photo, Wes is visiting us to give a colloquium about his experiences.

Joe Zambelli: "I work as a physical scientist at the National Energy Technology Lab in Morgantown. I am studying methods of carbon sequestration. We want to find energy supplies that are more secure, affordable, and environmentally acceptable."

Tyler Gruber (Ph.D., Texas Christian University) is a researcher at Columbian Chemicals in Louisiana. Tyler's research has been published in internationally recognized journals.

Robert Hardin (Ph.D., WVU): "I have just finished up my Ph.D. My research adviser chose me to work in his plasma physics lab because of my laser background from Wesleyan. I have accepted a position at Oak Ridge National Lab."

Michael Scruggs (2011) reports, "I completed a program in Optical Science at the University of Arizona and am working as an optical physicist at the Naval Surface Warfare Division in Dahlgren, Va."

Bobby Powell (2011): "I work as a Field Engineer at the Bechtel-Bettis Atomic Power Lab in West Mifflin, Pa. The Field Engineer job leads to assignments at a variety of shipyards. We provide oversight of all aspects of construction and maintenance of submarine and aircraft carriers. The program begins with a comprehensive qualification program at Bettis involving nuclear reactor design and operation."

Eric Thosteson (Ph.D., Ocean Engineering, University of Florida) became Vice President of Lighting at Biological Inovation and Optimization Systems in Melbourne, Fla. In addition, he is Adjunct Professor of Ocean Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology. Dr. Thosteson's research has been published in several journals.

Sean Boyle (1990) is a vice president at Castleton Commodities International in Houston, which deals with petroleum. Sean joined Wesleyan's Board of Trustees in April 2016. 

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